Hieronymus presbyter


Born in Stridon (Dalmatia) around 347, he studied in Rome and was converted there. He travelled to Trier, Aquileia, Antioch, Constantinople (where he heard Gregory of Nazianzus); he returned and stayed in Rome, then settled permanently in Bethlehem, where he died in 419 or 420. Thanks to his mastery of Hebrew and Greek, he undertook a profound revision of the Latin text of the Scriptures hitherto in use in the Christian world, first from Greek, then by translating the texts of the Hebrew canon. His work is the origin of the Vulgate. A biblical scholar, exegete, polemicist, and famous letter writer, he left many biblical commentaries. He held in high esteem the exegesis of Origen, of whom he translated into Latin a large number of homilies (on the prophets Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Isaiah, on the Song of Songs, on Luke).


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Hieronymus presbyter (Ps.) (0 ? - ?)
Hieronymus presbyter
Birth date ? (Stridon)
Death date ? (Bethléem)
Saint Yes
Activity Rome, Latium
Links https://data.bnf.fr/fr/11907498/jerome/
Author group Italy (3rd-7th century)