Origen (Ps.)

Origenes (Ps.)


Identifié à Maximinus l'Arien par M. Meslin qui n'a pas convaincu la critique


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Origen (185 ? - 251 ?)

Origen was born around 185, probably in Alexandria. Entrusted with catechesis in Alexandria, he found himself in conflict with the bishop and retired to Caesarea in Palestine in 230, where he spent practically the rest of his life, entirely devoted to the study of the Bible. He made several journeys when called as an expert in various controversies. Considered a great theologian in his time, he was consulted on all sides and always showed a great concern for orthodoxy and fidelity to the Church in his teaching and homilies. He died in Tyre shortly after 250, as a result of the persecution of Decius.

Origen (?) (180 ? - 260 ?)
Origen (Ps.)
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