Acacius of Caesarea

Acacius Caesariensis


Successor of Eusebius as bishop of Caesarea in Palestine in 340, Acacius is a moderate Homoian (Arian). In 343 he attended the Council of Serdica. Around 350 he favoured the accession of Cyril to the episcopal seat of Jerusalem, before having him deposed. Supported by other bishops (the "Acacians"), in 359, at the Council of Seleucia, he opposed in vain the Homoian tendency by proposing a Homoiousianist formula. Gaining influence with Constantius, he placed Meletius on the episcopal seat of Antioch in 360 and followed the meanderings of the dominant doctrinal position. He died around 365. Jerome mentions his concern to preserve Origen's library, as well as, in particular, his Commentary on Ecclesiastes in 17 books and his Miscellaneous Questions in 6 books. Only fragments remain.


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Acacius of Caesarea
Birth date ?
Death date ?
Activity Palestine, Césarée de Palestine
Group of authors Palestine and Cyprus (including Gaza)