Ace of Antioch (?)

Aetius Antiochenus (?)


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Aetius of Antioch (290 ? - 370 ?)

As a Syrian trained in Aristotelian dialectics in Alexandria, Aetius is the master of anomeism, a radical form of Arianism that denies the Son any resemblance to the Father. His enemies, making a play on words with his name, called him "atheist" (atheos instead of Aetios). Ordained a deacon at Antioch around 355, he who had Eunomus as a disciple, was condemned in 360 at the Council of Constantinople. Recalled by Julius in 362, he was consecrated bishop of the Anomoean community of Antioch, a rival to the moderate Arian communities of Eudoxus and Euzoius. He died around 365. His Syntagmation has been preserved by Epiphanius (Haer. 76, 11), who states that Aetius would have written 300 theological dissertations.

Ace of Antioch (?)
Birth date ?
Death date ?
Group of authors Antioch, Syria