Agobard of Lyon

Agobardus episcopus Lugdunensis


Archbishop of Lyon (816-840).

Born in Septimania or in Spain, Agobard was probably part of Benedict of Aniane's entourage. He came to Lyon around 795 and succeeded Bishop Leidrad in 816. From 816 to 822, he was committed to dogmatic, ecclesial and socio-political unity, guiding imperial politics with other reformers. From 823, because of the growing influence of the Empress Judith, he became a political opponent, challenging in particular the special status granted to the Jews in Lyon, and above all taking sides for Lothair against Louis the Pious. This stance caused his fall from grace in 835. From his exile in Italy, he opposed Amalarius’ liturgical reforms. Very active in his diocese and in the religious controversies of the time, he left an important and varied body of work, marked by a constant concern for the unity of Christian society.

Agobard of Lyon
Birth date ?
Death date ?
Activity Lyon, Gaule
Group of authors Western Middle Ages (Carolingian authors)