Ambrosiaster (Ps.)


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  • [Vg] Ge 1:26
  • [JB] Ge 1:27
  • [Vg] Ge 1:27
  • [JB] Ge 18:2-9
  • [Vg] Ge 18:2-9

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Ambrosiaster (300 ? - 400 ?)

This is the name given, since the Maurists, to the pseudo-Ambrosian author of a 13-book Commentary on the Epistles of St. Paul during the pontificate of Damasus I (366-384), and of a collection of 127 Questions on the Old and NewTestaments, which also seem to have been attributed to Ambrose, before being attributed to Augustine from the end of the 8th century.

Ambrosiaster (Ps.)
Birth date ?
Death date ?
Group of authors Italy (3rd-7th century)