Ambrose of Milan (?)

Ambrosius Mediolanensis (?)


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Ambrose of Milan (339 - 397)

Born in Trier around 340, son of the praetorian prefect of the Gauls, Ambrose was still a catechumen when he was abruptly transferred from the post of governor of Liguria and Emilia to the episcopal seat of Milan, which he occupied until his death on 4 April 397. Entirely devoted to his pastoral duties, he put his erudition and talents at the service of the faith and of the Church. It was through him that Alexandrian theology and exegesis were assimilated into the Latin-speaking Church. By his preaching, he helped Augustine find the way to faith and baptized him in 387. He is also the originator of the liturgical hymn. He is one of the four major Fathers of the Latin Church: his considerable corpus (Scriptural exegesis, dogmatic treatises, treatises on spirituality, preaching, correspondence) is a first-rate source of information about political and religious life in the last quarter of the fourth century within the Western Roman Empire.

Ambrose of Milan (Ps.) (0 ? - 1200 ?)
Ambrose of Milan (?)
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Group of authors Italy (3rd-7th century)