Anselm of Havelberg

Anselmus Havelbergensis episcopus


Born in some part of Europe around 1100, Anselm studied in Laon, receiving a solid education in theology, philosophy, canon law and patristics, and gaining a good knowledge of Greek. He was one of the first disciples of Saint Norbert, who consecrated him Bishop of Havelberg (Brandenburg) in 1129. He knew St. Bernard; he stayed several times at the imperial court and was sent on a diplomatic mission to Constantinople by Emperor Lothair II, where he took part in two discussions with authorities in the Greek Church. Returning to Italy from his second mission to Constantinople in 1155, he was appointed Archbishop of Ravenna following an intervention by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. He died in 1158. A politician and a pastor of souls, he is one of the few Latin theologians to have had real contact with the East.

Anselm of Havelberg
Birth date ?

Saxe, Rhénanie, pays de Liège, Lorraine?

Death date ? (Milan)

Le 12 août 1158.

Activity Havelberg, Brandebourg
Group of authors Western Middle Ages (11th-14th century)