Augustine of Hippo

Augustinus episcopus Hipponensis


Born in 354, Augustine went through a stormy youth. After a period as a Manichaean, this son of Saint Monica heard the sermons of Saint Ambrose in Milan and converted to Christianity. In 396, he became Bishop of Hippo in North Africa (on the border between Algeria and Tunisia). He died in 430. Of all patristic authors, he has left the greatest body of writings: more than 800 sermons, some 300 letters and a hundred or so treatises.


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Augustine of Hippo
Credits: Ms 75 Saint Augustine, De Genesi ad Litteram libri duodecim, Mont Saint-Michel, c. 1040-1055
Birth date (Thagaste)

Now Souk Ahras

Death date (Hippone)

Actuelle Annaba.

Activity Hippone, North Africa
Group of authors Africa