Facundus of Hermiane

Facundus episcopus Hermianensis


Bishop of Hermiane in North Africa (South of Byzacene), Facundus is known for his works and the active role he played in the so-called "Three Chapters" quarrel: Theodore of Mopsuestia, Theodoret of Cyrus and Ibas of Edessa. He had been accused of having inspired or professed a doctrine close to Nestorianism and anathematised by an edict of Emperor Justinian in 543. In 547, Facundus came to Constantinople, prepared a memorandum justifying the Three Chapters, and participated in the deliberations of the bishops. Together with Dacius of Milan, he led the opposition in Constantinople. On his return to Africa around 550, he published an important apology in twelve books in favour of Theodore of Mopsuestia, Theodoret of Cyrus and Ibas of Edessa, the Defence of the Three Chapters, a historical and theological work of reference. From Byzacene, where he lived on the run and in hiding, he wrote the pamphlet Contra Mocianum. In 564, he was confined in a monastery in Constantinople. Around 568-569, he wrote a final pamphlet defending the Three Chapters. He died shortly after 571.

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Facundus of Hermiane (?) (0 ? - 1200 ?)
Facundus of Hermiane
Birth date ?
Death date ?
Activity Hermiane, North Africa
Group of authors Africa