Fulgentius episcopus Ruspensis


Born perhaps in 467 (or 462?), Fulgentius was procurator of Byzacene, before he became a monk. On his return from a trip to Rome, he became Bishop of Ruspe in 507. His life was troubled by Vandal and Arian persecutions. He died in 532 (or 527).

His writings are mainly devoted to responding to Arian objections. His doctrine is radically Augustinian in his conception of human nature which, corrupted by Adam's sin, owes its salvation only to the grace of God.


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Fulgentius episcopus Ruspensis
Birth date ? (Thélepte)

Ville située en Byzacène (actuelle Medinet-el-Khedima en Tunisie).

Death date
Activity Ruspe, Byzacène
Links https://data.bnf.fr/fr/12127708/fulgence_de_ruspe/ https://clavis.brepols.net/clacla/OA/Details.aspx ?id=BFBA349D8A574235947095CF0E9ECEED
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