Idacius episcopus Aquae Flaviae


Hydatius was born around 395 near Xinzo de Limia in Galicia (Spain), into a family of a fairly high social standing. As a child, he travelled to the East, where he met John of Jerusalem, Theophilus and Jerome. In 416, he became a cleric, perhaps even a monk. In 427, he became Bishop of the city of Aquae Flaviae (now Chaves); in that capacity he fought against the Manichaeans and the Priscillians. In 431, he was sent in an embassy to Aetius to ask him to help the Galicians in their constant struggle with the Suevi. In 460, the Suevian Frumarius arrested him in his church and took him into captivity for three months. He died about 470.


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Idacius episcopus Aquae Flaviae
Birth date ? (Ginzo de Limia)

en Galice (Espagne).

Death date ?
Activity Chaves, Galice
Group of authors Spain