Pacianus episcopus Barcinonensis


The only ancient information at our disposal on Pacian (290/320 - 379/393) is contained in Jerome's De viris inlustribus. Probably coming from a well-to-do family, Pacian had a classical education, and became Bishop of Barcelona; he was married and had a son, Dexter.

His preserved writings are all published in volume 410 of the Sources Chrétiennes: De Paenitentibus, De Baptismo, Epistola ad Simpronianum de Catholico Nomine, Epistola secunda, Contra Tractatus Novatianorum. The Cervulus treatise is not preserved.


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Pacianus episcopus Barcinonensis
Birth date ?

Sans doute à Barcelone. D'après Jérôme, Pacien est mort iam ultima senectute, d'où l'hypothèse de sa date de naissance.

Death date ?
Activity Barcelone
Group of authors Spain