Quoduultdeus episcopus Carthaginiensis


Born towards the end of the 4th century, Quodvultdeus was deacon in Carthage in 421 when he asked Augustine about heresies; the latter sent him the De haeresibus. Quodvultdeus became bishop of Carthage, perhaps in 437. During the Vandal invasion in 439, he left for Naples, where he died before 454. An author of sermons, whose authenticity is disputed, we owe him the Book of God's Promises and Sermons (SC 101 and 102), which are fairly representative of the Western exegesis of that time: a sort of Christian vision of the whole history of humanity and the world read in the Bible, where the Old Testament announces and prefigures the New. Also attributed to him are a series of Sermons against Gentiles, Jews and heretics, on the Creed, on charity, on the misfortunes of the times and the barbarian invasions, and two letters addressed to St. Augustine.

Birth date
Death date ?
Activity Carthage, North Africa
Group of authors Africa