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Tertullianus (Ps.)


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Tertullian (155 ? - 235 ?)

Born a pagan in Carthage around 160, he studied law and rhetoric in Rome and converted, probably in the last decade of the 2nd century, before returning to his homeland. His work marks the birth of Christian literature in the Latin language. An uncompromising character with an impassioned spirit, he separated from the Church around 206-207 to join the Montanists and then to create the sect of the Tertullianists. An apologist who was almost always polemical, a moralist, a scholarly writer, an orator, also fluent in Greek, he possessed a perfect command of the Latin language and considerably enriched the Christian vocabulary. Thirty-one of his works have come down to us: treatises related to the persecution of the nascent African Church; apologetic works, polemical and doctrinal writings, particularly the Against Marcion, a vigorous refutation of Marcionism in five books; the Against Praxeas, the first exposition of Trinitarian doctrine; and numerous moral and ascetical treatises or those relating to the Christian life (on baptism, penance, marriage and virginity). He died between 220-235.

Tertullian (Ps.)
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