Theodoret of Cyrrhus

Theodoretus episcopus Cyri


Theodoret was born in Antioch around 393. At the age of 23, he became a monk in the monastery of Nicerte, near Apamea. Appointed bishop of Cyrus (near present-day Turkey) in 423, he was concerned about the heretics of his diocese, then became, at the request of John of Antioch, one of the main adversaries of Cyril of Alexandria at the outbreak of the Nestorian crisis. Present at the Council of Ephesus which condemned and deposed Nestorius, he was one of the architects of the Act of Union (433) which restored communion between Antioch and Alexandria. After the death of Cyril (444), he resumed the fight to denounce the monophysitism of Eutyches. He was first consigned to his diocese (438), then deposed by the Council of Ephesus in 449 and forced into exile. He then remained withdrawn in his monastery in Nicerte, at least until his rehabilitation by the Council of Chalcedon (451). His death is dated around 460; he left a considerable body of work, as much historical as exegetical and theological.


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Theodoret of Cyrrhus
Birth date ? (Antioche)
Death date ?

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Activity Cyr, Syrie
Group of authors Greek historians, Antioch, Syria