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Theodosius Alexandrinus (480 ? - 580 ?)

évêque de 535 à 566.

Theodosius I Imperator (347 - 395)

Theodosius I, known as "the Great", Roman Emperor, was born in 347 near present-day Segovia (Spain). Born into a Nicene Christian family, he had a fine military career following in his father's footsteps and particularly distinguished himself against the Sarmatians in 374. Proclaimed emperor in 379, he reigned over the East, Macedonia and Dacia. With the aim of stabilising the borders of the North and the East, he fought the Goths, with whom he concluded a controversial peace treaty in 382, and another with the Sassanians in 387. Together with Gratian, he was the author of the Edict of Thessalonica in 380, which marked the triumph of Nicene Christianity over Arianism. In April 390, having ordered a very bloody repression in Thessalonica, Theodosius was excommunicated by Bishop Ambrose of Milan, and finally agreed to do penance to obtain his reintegration into the Church. He reigned until his death on 17 January 395.

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