Anonyma hagiographica, Acta Eupli A (AC.EVP A)


Title Acta Eupli A
Latin title Acta Eupli A

The acts of the Christian martyrs

Authors Anonyma hagiographica (300 ? - 1453 ?)
Language Greek
Transmission languages Latin
Period 201-400
Clavis BHL 2728
Themes Martyrdom
Genres Acts
Keywords Euplus


Name Oxford Early Christian Texts
Publishing house Clarendon Press
Pages 314-318
Year 1972
Biblia Patristica volume BP2
Contributors Herbert MUSURILLO

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Anonyma hagiographica, Acta Eupli (AC.EVP)


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  • [JB] Mt 16:24
  • [JB] Mt 16:25
  • [JB] Mt 5:10
  • [JB] Ac 4:24

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