Anonymous (Life of Dav.), Acta graeca ss. Davidis, Symeonis et Georgii Mitylenae in insula Lesbo (VIT.DAV.)


Title Acts of David, Symeon and George of Mytilene
Latin title Vita sanctorum Davidis, Symeonis et Georgii Mitylenae
Authors Anonymous (Life of Dav.) (820 - 900)
Language Greek
Transmission languages Greek
Period 863-900
Clavis BHG494
Genres Hagiography
Keywords Lesbos, saints David et Syméon le Stylite et Georges, second iconoclasme

The biblical references contained in this work have been analysed by Giulia Gollo and Markus Miederhoff as part of the project The Bible in Middle Byzantine Hagiography (8th-10th century) funded by the Thyssen Foundation (2022-2024).


Name Analecta Bollandiana 18
Date 1899
Publishing house Société des Bollandistes
Pages 209-259
Contributors I. VAN DEN GHEYN


  • [LXX] Ge 18:5
  • [LXX] Ge 24:6
  • [LXX] Ge 25:32
  • [LXX] Ge 49:3
  • [LXX] Ex 10:4-19

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